• Access to network of study abroad programs and Universities that could expand current offerings.
  • Augment courses with cultural tours and even experiences that reinforce course curricula
  • Introduction to field of study scenarios in the real-world business settings aboard.

Challenges Faced

  • Developing a study abroad offering requires significant coordination with accredited universities.
  • Cultural exposure, landmark tours and pinnacle events must compliment curriculum.
  • Securing field of study experience in real-world scenarios abroad.

EDUabroad Value

  • Access our network of abroad programs in India, China, Japan, South Korea and many more.
  • Program development with faculty and staff, creating flexible study aboard that includes:
    • Disciplines of study
    • Timelines (accelerated or semester)
    • Logistics, housing, passes
    • Grading/credit coordination
    • Marketing content/strategy

EDUaboard Engagement

  • Sample deliverables include:
    • University due diligence across our abroad partners and programs.
    • Course offering, grading/credit coordination
    • Logistics management
      • Travel, passport, complete checklist
      • Housing, transportation, event passes
      • Meals, laundry facilities
    • Marketing program & support