• Delivers tangible campus experience through accelerated certification programs.
  • Accelerates recruiting process and improves admission results through experience programs.
  • Addresses concerns about campus living and the U.S. experience for international prospects.

Challenges Faced

  • Traditional recruiting process does allow for "courting".
  • International prospects have virtually no exposure to college life, let alone U.S. experience.
  • Recruiters have a challenge in setting their institution apart.

EDUcelerate Value

  • Defines framework for accelerated certification programs over 4 - 6 weeks
  • Students are on-campus during and experience faculty, curriculum and dorm living.
  • Recruiters have less of a "sell" when academic delivery is tangible.

EDUcelerate Engagement

  • 300 hours working with recruiters, faculty, staff and curriculum experts.
  • Delivery timeline: 6 - 8 weeks.
Deliverables include:
  • Institution integration plan development
  • Coordination of certification offerings
  • Logistics plan and coordination
  • Pre-visit marketing materials
  • Post-visit marketing follow-up