About Us

We are resolute towards providing quality relevant experience to students helping them to acquire knowledge and push them towards excellence. We are driven towards working together to understand your knowledge requirements and provide customized practical learning experiences from a vast spectrum of domains. Our goal is, to make you industry ready, driven towards serving the community of knowledge seekers, and helping students to fulfill the ever-growing need of practical exposure through tailor-made educational tours. We could see that the potential young resources could be nurtured even more into a refined product by making them acquainted with practical and hands-on experience. This thought made us to explore the resources and to serve the learners community. We have learned the micro details of Edu Tourism industry through a decade long experience in India by successfully conducting Industrial visitations and educational field trips. Our motto is that all our participants should learn and acquire invaluable knowledge out of each tour so that it proves to be an asset during their lifetime. We look forward to implementing the same for students by indulging them in our tailor-made Edu tours and serve our sole purpose of serving the community.


To provide comprehensive international educational experiences that empower participants to achieve their quest for learning.


To be a world leader in the edu-tourism industry where participants thrive. We are committed to creating immersive experiences that offer genuine insights and exceptional support into local customs and ordinary life.


We aim to be the best in the industry in everything that we do. We are real and authentic based on our cultural competence and truly believe in what we do.


We are dedicated to fulfilling the educational tourism needs of participants by providing international access to all eligible participants in our service area.


We are a solutions-oriented organization. We foster a culture of partnership and stay ahead of the changing environment to provide the most relevant advice and solutions in the edu-tourism industry.


We provide a blend of educational tourism, support services and, study abroad learning opportunities that enable participants to meet their international educational goals.


We always listen to our clients and deliver ever-increasing valued services in the markets we serve. We are responsible for both external and internal customer services.


An Edutourism Partnership will drive your university’s international enrollments, enhance your global brand, and accelerate your growth. For a decade we have been consistently delivering our promises and transforming our partner’s competitive performances. The journey towards overseas study is an enormous step for students, their families, and their sponsors.

Our team will be on hand with every stage of the process to provide guidance and support. Together we extend the university’s global reach and impact, helping more international students to fulfill their potential as global citizens and future leaders. We build deeply embedded partnerships that enable universities to achieve their international ambitions. To Sign up email us


Host families play a key role in fulfilling our mission of breaking down the barriers of culture, language, and geography that divide us. Be a host family for international students today and be part of this great cultural journey email us

Edutourism looks for host families in the US, in and around our many locations. Join our host families today and offer our students a profound experience that can change their view of the world – and it might change yours too! So, Why do you wait to see your friends and family, write to us and be a great host!

Join Our Team

Edu Tourism depends on the contributions of its team to make every program successful. We are looking for enthusiastic, hard-working individuals who enjoy working with students and who are passionate in the academic fields of our programs and offerings. Interested in applying for the positions listed below, you will need to complete an online application. After receiving and reviewing your application, qualified candidates will be contacted for an interview. Good luck, See you onboard soon email us